Gossip Protocol


I wrote an original Java implementation of the gossip protocol. It was then picked up by other contributors and is currently an Incubating Apache project. Demonstrates gossip protocol in action! Multi-threaded nodes maintain list of neighbors, and randomly select one to talk with. View the original open source implementation on github.

Android App Development

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I learned Android in 2008 for a class project at CMU and have continued doing it ever since as a hobby / side-business. Earlier on I wrote tutorials, was busy on stack overflow, published open source projects, and did some talks. I like it because I get to do all parts of product development: coding, UI/UX design, marketing, analytics, and even customer service. Currently I have 5 published apps on Google Play including the #1 Earthquake app on Android!

LinkedIn Stock Widget


My favorite hack from LinkedIn's hackdays. This chrome user script adds a nice stock management widget to the right rail on your LinkedIn homepage. Came in handy after the LinkedIn IPO (LNKD) to find out if I needed to work again (news flash -- yes, yes I did).

LinkedIn Engineering Blog


I helped re-launch LinkedIn's engineering blog with a new design and a continuous pipeline of articles, getting it to around 1 per day. I personally wrote or co-wrote over 15 posts. Here's a sampling of my work. I have a passion for writing as well as engineering so it's a natural fit.

Coupon Go - a mobile coupon venture

As part of an Entrepreneurial class at Carnegie Mellon, my team wrote and presented a mobile coupon business plan to four VCs. While this idea had great timing as smart phones were coming into their own, the VCs didn't think much of it. Now there are multiple major players doing this exact thing.

Blackfin Networked Video Transmission System

Read full transcript here

My undergrad senior project at Cal Poly. This system would transmit the video from your laptop to an external device over the internet. A slingbox-style system before slingbox.

LinkedIn Twins

See your twin today

My first hack for LinkedIn's monthly hackdays, this app looks at your LinkedIn connections and determines your 10 most similar. Uses cosine similarity algorithm and other secret sauce (well maybe not).

Custom Android Tabs

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Open source Android code. Short tutorial for creating a custom TabWidget look. Around since 2009, a top search result downloaded over 23,000 times! I wrote this code originally for Earthquake Alert! and Draft Punk, and thought others would find it useful.

Adjacent Fragment Tabs

Checkout project on GitHub

Open source Android code. Manage two fragments in a TabHost in portrait and side by side in landscape. Because FragmentPagerAdapter is crazy, we need a custom PagerAdapter to handle each instance. Written for Draft Punk in 2014 as it has fragments and switches between tab view and side by side view. Also used in Earthquake Alert so production tested!

Website Generator

Since this website is simple, I wrote my own static website generator in Bash and used it for this site. It can handle html partials, variables, and equals logic.