Josh Clemm

Hey, there! I'm an engineering manager, software engineer, and product enthusiast from San Francisco (born and raised in the Bay Area) - currently working at Uber.

Today, my main focus is doing engineering management, where I'm responsible for engineering strategy and execution, developing high performing teams, and most importantly building a diverse and inclusive work culture. I'm also very heavily involved with product management and strategy. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile for more.

The following are areas I'm particular passionate about, so please read on and reach out if you want to learn more.

Engineering Management

I've been doing management since 2010. I really like how management allows me to wear multiple hats, focusing on product execution, developing people, and actively building a great work culture. I'm incredibly passionate about honing my management craft. I've learned many things over the years, so stay tuned for some blog posts. You can read a bit about my personal philosophies here or watch this video below for some tidbits:

Software Engineering

As a software engineer, I've worked on pretty diverse software projects over the years. I've been at Qualcomm doing embedded applications and mobile development. At Lockheed Martin doing large-scale wirelessly networked distributed systems and sensor data fusion. At LinkedIn and Uber, architecting massively scalable consumer web sites, building high performing web sites, and crafting popular mobile applications. Finally, on the side I continue to do Android development with a few apps on Google Play.

Scalable Web Architectures

I've always enjoyed large software systems, but really learned the depths of scalable web architectures at LinkedIn. I was fortunate to work on LinkedIn's highest QPS backend system and DB (at the time), and put together all my learnings in a blog post on How LinkedIn Scaled over the years. It was the most shared post on our engineering blog and was even translated into Chinese, French, and Russian.

Android Development

I learned Android in 2008 for a class project at CMU and have continued doing it ever since as a hobby and side-business. Earlier on I wrote tutorials, answered questions on stack overflow, published open source projects, and did some talks. I like it because I get to do all parts of product development: coding, UI/UX design, marketing, analytics, and even customer service. Currently I have 5 published apps on Google Play including the #1 Earthquake app on Android!

High Performance Web Pages

I love optimizing performance because it's the ultimate bridge between engineering and user experience. When leading LinkedIn's profile team, we spent countless time getting page load times down. We got onLoad under 2 secs for p95 in US, despite needing to fetch over 250 dynamic pieces of content from across LinkedIn's backend stacks.

Even this site was designed to be super fast. The CSS is very minimal yet responsive. The images are base64 inlined or deferred. Give it a spin on

Me Around the Web


Outside of work, I love sports - playing, watching, and fantasy, and recently have taken up homebrew. I also have been known to go hiking or camping, as well as checking out all the new bars and restaurants in The City.