Want a Good Team Now or a Great Team Later?

The goal of our teams is to deliver results for the company. So when we prioritize work, we consider two factors: level of effort and impact. (ie, do low effort / high impact projects first).

The Pre-Mortem: Software Engineering Best Practice

The software post-mortem is well known. It’s a standard best practice that really marks the end of any software project. It also fits in well with the Agile manifesto, specifically the retrospective - always be reflecting, always be improving.

Don't Ask for Feedback, Ask for Advice

Everyone wants feedback. In fact, studies show employees who get regular feedback are more engaged and higher performing. The problem is, unless you have a strong trusting relationship with a person you are asking, you may not the concrete feedback you are looking for. People don’t want to hu...

Code Reviews by Phase and Expectations

Code reviews are amazing for many reasons. And everyone on the team should contribute. Interestingly, the behavior of an engineer with respect to code reviews changes based on seniority or tenure within a team or code repository. I like to refer these changes as “phases”.