Draft Punk for 2013

The best fantasy football drafting tool for Android is back for 2013.  Updated look and feel for both the draft and news features, improved draft controls, optimizations for all phone sizes including tablets, and more.

Draft Punk for 2011

The best off-line fantasy football drafting app for Android is back and re-tooled for 2011. Master your fantasy football draft with the addition of a number of asked-for features like custom scoring settings, the ability to manually edit the pre-rankings, and better support for player news.

Border Wait gets mini UI overhaul

Border Wait was my first Android app and it showed - basic ListView, simple icons, and a launcher icon I found from the web.

Draft Punk Android App

I published a new app today for Android. It’s targeted for the fantasy sports fan like me. Every year, I do an offline draft for my fantasy football league. The problem with offline drafts though, is that you have to fumble around with various paper cheatsheets or internet printouts and make ...

Border Wait Android App

A buddy at work often commutes to Mexico and noticed there weren’t any apps (iPhone or Android) that provided the current wait times to return to the U.S. Since the customs and border patrol web site provides those times, I figured I could put together an Android app listing all the borders a...