Building LinkedIn University Pages

A post I wrote on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog that documents my team’s work building Unversity Pages for LinkedIn. This post surveys the engineering and data pipelines that goes into a modern LinkedIn product like University Pages.

Draft Punk for 2013

The best fantasy football drafting tool for Android is back for 2013.  Updated look and feel for both the draft and news features, improved draft controls, optimizations for all phone sizes including tablets, and more.

Engineering the New LinkedIn Profile

A post I wrote on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog that documents my team’s journey rewriting LinkedIn’s main member profile page. It’s a combination of a brand new design, numerous new product features, and a brand new frontend architecture. This architecture uses a custom Java web application ...

New App Engine Pricing may kill Earthquake Alerter

To send immediate alerts of earthquakes to users of my Android app Earthquake Alert, I use Google App Engine as the processing backend for C2DM (cloud to device messaging). Since this was recommended by the Google Android team, I thought it would be a great option. However that all changed wh...

Earthquake notifications using C2DM and App Engine

In order to enhance my Earthquake Alert! Android app, I wanted to be able to alert any user’s phone when an earthquake occurs anywhere in the world that matches some pre-defined filters.  The end result was the Earthquake Alerter add-on app and it uses Google’s C2DM and Google App Engine to a...

Draft Punk for 2011

The best off-line fantasy football drafting app for Android is back and re-tooled for 2011. Master your fantasy football draft with the addition of a number of asked-for features like custom scoring settings, the ability to manually edit the pre-rankings, and better support for player news.

Japan Quake Visualized on Earthquake Alert!

I’ve always been fascinated with Earthquakes. This fascination lent itself well once I began writing Android apps. I was able to combine my interests and create Earthquake Alert!, an app that give users a great way to view and explore earthquakes all around the world.  As an active user of th...

My Map Location Tutorial - Where am I?

If you’re writing an Android App using a MapView, then you will most likely want to view the user’s location. This tutorial will show you how to create an activity that makes use of Android’s built-in MyLocationOverlay class.

Custom Android Tabs

Wanting to change the default TabWidget look and feel for Android? In this tutorial, we will investigate a few different ways to customize your app’s tabs.With Android SDK 1.6 and above, the SDK allows you to set a View as the tab instead of just text and an icon. We use be using that tech...

Border Wait gets mini UI overhaul

Border Wait was my first Android app and it showed - basic ListView, simple icons, and a launcher icon I found from the web.