Border Wait Android App

A buddy at work often commutes to Mexico and noticed there weren’t any apps (iPhone or Android) that provided the current wait times to return to the U.S.  Since the customs and border patrol web site provides those times, I figured I could put together an Android app listing all the borders and their current wait times.

The result is Border Wait for Android, and is available at the Market now.

It shows passenger, passenger express, commercial, commercial express, and pedestrian border crossing times.  You can use the menu options to toggle which wait times the app currently shows, and you can set default border categories in the settings.  For example, if you regularly commute in the passenger vehicles lanes and have an express (Sentri for Mexico and Nexus for Canada) pass, then you can have those border wait times show as a default.

Another cool feature of using Android (and modern smart phones in general) is the location based services.  By knowing your fine or coarse location (GPS vs network triangulation), the app will sort the borders by closest to you.  Therefore, wherever you are, Border Wait will show you the closest borders at the top of the list.  Often times, there are a few borders servicing a city and this list can allow you to quickly view the wait times for all of these right at the top of the list.

Check it out and send some comments my way with any desired features.