This blog contains random thoughts, personal projects, and various Android tutorials (issues that I had to work through) of me, Josh Clemm. I’m a software developer out of San Francisco and love all things technology, mobile devices, Java, sports, fantasy sports, trivia, history, and more!

  • Hi Josh,

    Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to develop DraftPunk. I was the only one in our live draft using just my phone! Amazing app. I’m a Java dev myself, so I appreciate it!

    Do you have a paypal acct setup that I could donate a couple bucks?

  • Thanks Herbie! I originally wrote it for myself and I’m surprised at the number of downloads and positive feedback. I don’t have any donation system up right now, but if you feel the need, feel free to buy my “Border Wait” android app (at least I’d get something).

  • Ori Harel

    Hey Josh,
    did you manage with the animated background you asked in StackOverflow?

  • Josh

    Yeah I looked into the documentation a bit, but other priorities got in my way. I also saw your question, hopefully someone out there has done this. I still want to create an animation, but not sure how quickly I can get to it.

  • Ori Harel

    I got it.

    public class SampleView extends View
    Bitmap _pic;
    int _index = 0;
    public SampleView(Context context, Bitmap pic)
    _pic = pic;

    protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas)
    canvas.drawBitmap(_pic, _index, 0, null);
    if (_index > _pic.getWidth()*-1) {
    _index = 0;


  • Hector

    I can’t download the border wait time app on my android phone, it won’t find it in the market. I even tried the QR code to get it. I’m on a Motorola i1 running Android 1.5 over the Sprint network. Any help would be appreciated. I’ll spread the word on your app if I can get it to work.

  • Josh

    Hi Hector, I know the issue. I developed Border Wait using Android 1.6, so it will only show up in the market for 1.6 and higher. Do you know if your phone will be upgraded to 1.6? Also, I can look at my code and see if I can get it to work with Android 1.5.

    Thanks for contacting me. – Josh

  • David

    Thanks for the help on PERL. http://joshclemm.com/blog/?p=22#respond

    Also want to point what, comments submission does not work on the above site.

    Thanks for helping with PERL on justhost

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