Hey, there!

About Me

I'm a software engineer from San Francisco - currently working at LinkedIn.

I've worked on diverse software projects including working on embedded applications, large-scale wirelessly networked distributed systems, massively large scale consumer web sites, and of course mobile applications. All the while creating shell scripts to make my life better and writing and designing some cool user interfaces.

In my spare time (and as a side business), I've been writing Android apps (since 2008). I love writing apps mainly because I can exercise both sides of my brain. I solely handle all app design, development, graphics, UI layouts, analytics, localization, and supporting backends (and customer service!). Check them out here.

Since I've been writing Android for a while now, I have a great command of its SDK and capabilities, and have shared this knowledge with tutorials and answering questions on Stack Overflow.

Outside of coding, I love sports - playing, watching, and fantasy, and recently have taken up homebrew. I also have been known to go hiking or camping, as well as checking out all the new bars and restaurants in The City.

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